Thursday, December 30, 2010

This little Piggy...went to Miglet's Gluten Free Bakery

Miglets Gluten Free Bakery, located in Danville, California (East Bay) was started by a girl whose mother had celiac disease, and wanted to give her the option to indulge in desserts like everyone else. Not only do they carry cupcakes, but they also have breads, cookies, muffins and pies that are also 100% Gluten Free, (as well as some Vegan options!)
I got 3 mini GF cupcakes, and 1 vegan and GF cupcake to try and see if they would satisfy my sugar craving.
The Red Velvet, was once again an obnoxious "clifford" color red, that just freaked me out at the sight if it.  The cream cheese frosting was a bit too sugary for me, and tasted much like Dawn Foods Cream Cheese Frosting.
The Double Chocolate cupcake was alright, it tasted like Hershey Chocolate (and I am a picky Chocolate person) which turned me away after a bite.
The coconut cupcake reminded me of laying on a beach sucking down a Pina Colada. It was a very strong coconut flavor, with pieces of real coconut in the actual cake. This one was by far my favorite.
Last but not least, I got a Pumpkin Vegan/ GF Cupcake. I was extremely disappointed in this one. There was absolutely no hight to the cake, in other words, it was "wanky". Trying to cut into this cupcake was worse than trying to slice stale bread; next time ill bring a machete to cut it. To my surprise there were chocolate chips in the cake, and I am sorry but I strongly don't believe chocolate and pumpkin go together, as said by my Dad; "The pumpkin should be able to stand on its own".And the the frosting on the vegan cupcake had the texture of rubber cement glue. I was just NOT a fan of this cupcake at all. As you can tell my Mom and Sister couldn't stand it...
I will say that, for being gluten-free, you could barely tell! So for any person who is denied their love of sugary goodness because of being gluten intolerant, i would recommend some of their products. But if you are vegan, go somewhere else...PLEASE!!! And beware, they only have a 6 flavors of cupcakes to choose from, so you dont get much variety.

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