Thursday, September 15, 2011

The One and Only Sprinkles Cupcakes

This is where it all began, the world-wide craze of gourmet polka-dotted fist-size desserts. Sprinkles Cupcakes is the mastermind behind most every single bakery on the streets today. Sparkly crystal cases of made-from-scratch cupcakes, topped with swirled buttercream, line the walls causing every creature on the planet to stop and drool at the sugary treats. On my recent trip to Los Angeles, my bestie and I hopped into her car and took the 45 minute, 10 mile drive, to Beverly Hills to finally devour the most famous cupcakes on the planet.
After they wave of paralyzation from my bellies excitement disappeared, I finally decided on 4 different cupcakes, a good 'ol traditional chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream, Chai, Lemon & Coconut, and a Chocolate Vanilla Hazlenut Cupcake.
These cupcakes, are...well, orgasmic is the only word that pops into mind. Everything about these cupcakes are 100% right. The cake is baked to perfection, the fluffy buttercream literally melts in your mouth; I just couldn't get enough.
The chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream was my favorite classic cupcake dominated over any one I have ever had. The Lemon and Coconut cupcake was so light and refreshing and have me gawking over it. The Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut had a light hint of mouthwatering chocolate hazelnut buttercream, on top of a perfectly moist cupcake, leaving me to lick the wrapper.  Lastly, the Chai cupcake surely tasted like chai, but was probably my least favorite out of all of them; now that I think back I don't think we finished this one.
 After chowing down into food coma, I was still, somehow, craving another cupcake - or 2.  Sprinkles, I don't know how you do it, but all I know is I wish I could devour your cupcakes every single day for the rest of my life. Thanks for living up to the rumors, and proving that you really are one of the best bakeries for the world to indulge in.