Friday, October 22, 2010

Miss Heather McGuires Bday Cupcakes!

This past weekend I did some Vegan Chocolate Cayenne Pepper Cupcakes and some Vegan Red Velvet cupcakes for the amazing lady, Heather McGuire. Tulip and Sugar Skull fondant decorations.
Check em....

Happy birthday to one amazing lady/mom/friend 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The country-wide Gigi's Cupcakes

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a cutesy chain bakery that has 18 locations primarily in the South, as well as in Colorado, Texas and Las Vegas. The Gigi’s I went to devour was the Denver store located on 550 Grant Street, located right next to the delicious Cosmo’s Pizza (The restaurant I worked at in college ( the Boulder location) and where I met Pat!).
 I got a Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip cupcake that was phenomenal! The perfectly moist cake and frosting had a fantastic chocolate taste! The frosting was amazing, it was not too whippy and airy like most bakeries, and it was a perfect consistency and flavor that made your mouth water. (There was just too much frosting! It was falling over it was so top- heavy!) Plus the mini chocolate chips, even though they looked old, they added the perfect “crunch” to the cupcake.  But the decoration on this one was….well…look at it and you know what im thinking, haha!  Pat and I devoured this cupcake, there wasn’t a crumb to spare!
I also got a Hunka Chunka Banana Love that just did not compare. I LOVE the chocolate and banana combo, but this one tasted like a banana bread, and a bad banana bread at that! Unlike the cupcake on the brochure, this cupcake had fudge frosting instead of the banana buttercream dipped in ganache. The fudge unfortunately was just extremely artificial tasting, made us not even finish the cupcake. The banana chip and chocolate heart on top was cute, but couldn’t make up for the taste.
 Gigi’s cupcakes were a hit or a complete miss. I would love to go back and try some of their other cupcake flavors! Just a warning, if you ever go to a Gigi’s, stay with the classic cake flavors!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shoe Shine Cake..Here I Come!

I am stoked to say i am getting a pretty cool opportunity to bake and decorate a 3D Nike Dunk Shoe cake for the 5th annual Shoe Shine Sneaker exhibit. Come by 
this Saturday, October 23rd to City Hall Event Center to see some custom sneaker and basketball backboard art from many rad local artists. 

Check out the site for more info....and see ya there!

One Love 

Monday, October 11, 2010

"We make the impossible delicious"

If you have ever been to Watercourse Foods or City O’City in Denver, and been lucky enough to try one of their bakery goods, you will know exactly where this review is going. Watercourse Bakery is a 100% Vegan and gluten free bakery that really does make the impossible delicious!
I went to dinner with my friends Kat (Jessica) and Loki at City O’ City for my first time. I have been to watercourse more times than I could ever imagine counting, and their food and baked treats really are some of the best meals I have ever had! 
We got the most amazing cupcake on the planet, (the one I get every time I go to one of the restaurants) the Ho-Ho cupcake. This cupcake truly tastes like a Hostess Ho-Ho cupcake, minus the chemicals. The chocolate cake is filled with a vanilla creamy frosting, and topped with a layer of the vanilla frosting and then dipped into a vegan chocolate ganache. This cupcake is one of the best cupcakes I have ever had in Denver, and the fact that its vegan and gluten free…makes it that much more amazing. This is one of those desserts where when its all gone, you catch yourself with your tongue glued to the plate trying to find the last crumb! 

We also got a Strawberry Mango cupcake (also G.F. and Vegan). This was my first time ever ordering this one, and this one just didn’t do it for me. It was a white cake that had a hint of banana, with a tiny bit of strawberry filling, and a mango buttercream. The flavor of the combination was…as weird as it sounds, it tastes like the Hello Kitty store. It tasted very artificial, and the flavor combo was just…wrong. I was so bummed, but they all can’t be winners J.
Kat and our glorious cupcakes 

I have had their cookies, cakes and pies as well, and trust me, you cant go wrong (well except for the strawberry mango cupcake)! If you are ever in the downtown area, be sure to check out Watercourse (837 E 17th Ave) or City O’ City (206  E. 13th street), the bakery is right next door to City O’City! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pat Milbery's Birthday!!!!

On October 2nd,Patrick Macklin Milbery turned another year older. 
And the cake I did for his celebration...coconut, oreo mousse...mmmmm
Another amazing year of life lived to the fullest by the most creative, upbeat, positive, most amazing pro snowboarder I have ever seen, loving, rad, old man, Pat Milbery! Hope the next year is even better than the last. 
One Love <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nomelie Cupcakes

So this weekend I drove to Parker, Colorado to meet up for a cupcake breakfast with Nic Sweet AKA. step-brother / most-amazing-pastry-chef-ever. We went to Nomelie Cupakes, a made from scratch cupcakery owned by a mother and a baker, to get our morning sugar fix. Nic and I got two cupcakes to share, a White Chocolate Pumpkin, and a Gluten Free Buckeye Cupcakes, and one each to take home (Red Velvet for Nic, and a Vanilla Mint one for me). 
The White Chocolate Pumpkin was a flavor feast for my mouth. The white chocolate chips on top of the extremely moist pumpkin cake was a match made in heaven. The White Chocolate buttercream was good, nothing mind blowing, but still had my belly satisfied. A little bit more white chocolate flavor in the buttercream, as well as more pumpkin in the cake would be my preference, but it was still amazing. I found myself the next day wishing I still had some more to devour.
We also got a gluten free Buckeye cupcake. The chocolate cake was super fluffy and soft, with a traditional chocolate cake flavor. The cupcake was filled and topped with a peanut butter buttercream. The peanut butter flavor was not strong and had us wondering what it was at first, but once we realized it was peanut butter, it was pretty darn good. We actually did not realize at first that it was gluten free- and when we did we were shocked. They actually made a gluten free cupcake not taste like..well…crap. Anyone who is celiac…head to Nomelie for your sugar fix!
The textures of Nomelie’s cupcakes are perfect! And the delicious flavors, such as the white chocolate, you can tell that they use a good product, not some cheap stuff that tastes like chemicals. From the presentation of the cupcakes to their mouthwatering flavors, I really liked this bakery. Too bad its about 45 minutes from me, or I would make a trip back to try more of their whimsical flavors!