Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seattle's Cupcake Royale

Nothing is better than a gift of cupcakes… especially ones you have never tried, from a bakery it would take over a day to drive too. Pat brought me home a box of cupcakes from Seattle’s Cupcake Royale.
 4 cupcakes were enclosed in a small pink and brown box that was as much fun as a box of Froot Loops. All over the box had things to read while you indulge in their sugary goodness, such as the anatomy of a cupcake….and info about the local ingredients they use.
One of the four was the “Royale with Cheese”, which was a dark chocolate cake with the most delicious Cream Cheese Frosting, and chocolate shavings. I loved this cream cheese frosting, it was not over powering and the flavor was still very present. And, really, can you go wrong with chocolate and cream cheese? I think not. I also got a “Kate” that is a chocolate cake with a pink vanilla buttercream. Again, they killlllled it with the buttercream, so good that I caught myself eating all the butterceream off the cake. 
They gave Pat the “Salted Caramel”  which was a Chocolate cake with a rich caramel buttercream with salt crystals. The buttercream had a delicious rich caramel flavor, but their was wayyyyy too much salt on the buttercream, it made me cringe with one tiny bite. And lastly, I got the “Triple Threat” that was a Chocolate buttercream swirled on top of a chocolate cake with chocolate shavings. It would be a good “time of the month” cupcake for sure, but it did not do it for me; way too rich! The chocolate cake, on all the cupcakes was good. Not dry in the least bit, and a good chocolate cake, but not mind blowing. I do wish that one of the cupcakes would have been their white cupcake….oh well, next time I guess. Their frosting is what did it for me, I would love a bucket of their buttercream to just sit and eat with a spoon.
 My suprise....with a half eaten salted caramel cupcake haha!
Cupcake Royale has 5 locations in Seattle, Washington, so whenever you are in Seattle you have no excuse to not try their cupcakes out for yourself!

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