Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Moon Bakery

For all them mountain' folk in Silverthorne, Colorado looking to satisfy some baked good cravings, there is Blue Moon Bakery. The small cafe was packed with people getting breakfast before spending the day throwing themselves down the snowy mountains strapped to various modes of transportation, aka. snowboards and skis. Excited to start my day off with some sugar, I dove right in to a chocolate chip cannoli. 
The last cannoli I had was from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken NJ, and just happened to be the most amazing, soft-&crunchy-at-the-same-time deliciousness pastry of all time. I of course, had to try one from Blue Moon, with the hope that a cannoli is one of those foods no one can f*%^ up, like spaghetti. But no, I was wrong, this cannoli was not worthy of a second bite. I usually try all the baked goods I review with fiance, Pat Milbery :)  and keep my mouth shut to see what he has to say about it before I start blabbing away, but this one, i could not help myself but scream at him not to try it. Which obviously he had to try, but he never went to seconds either. The shell was soggy and bendable like wet cardboard. The filling was so extremely thick it made me feel like that kindergarden teacher in Billy Madison slurping the  glue during lunch time. Lastly, the massive cluster of blooming mini chocolate chips was beyond foul and just unnecessary. 
With the last disaster that had occurred in my mouth, I didn't have high hopes about the Boston Cream Cupcake I had left. Surprise, surprise, this was even worse than the Cannoli! It tasted straight from the isles of the grocery store, contained more than 80 ingredients and reek of chemicals. No way was this cupcake from scratch, if so Blue Moon, please re work your recipe before poising the rest of the rockies! The cake its self was dry as the plains of Africa, and the fudge was extremely similar to that of the fat little pillsbury dough boy. 
Blue Moon Bakery had some of the worst tasting baked goods I have had in a very long time. It must be there breakfast, and the stoner-snowboarder community that keep this place is in business. Don't bother unless you are desperate, snowed in and have no more canned beans left. Remember you have been warned! 

Ps. I did go to this bakery in April, I just have avoided writing this review because remembering this experience is just too painful

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teacake Bake Shop

I stumbled across this small, tucked away bakery in downtown Lafayette California. The vibe of the bakery is a cutesy tincey-wincy bakery, with the typical white and pink decor. 
There wasn't much of a selection of fun flavored cupcakes to chose from. All of their cupcakes were Vanilla or Chocolate topped with a couple of different buttercream favors...Whoop-Dee-Do. The cookies looked alright, but if you cant make a damn good cookie, then don't bother opening a bakery--just my thought. 
So i settled for 2 different cupcakes; the first one was a chocolate cupcake with a Dulce De Leche Buttercream. The Buttercream looked cute with its little flower decor on top of the swirled frosting, but when you bit into the cupcake, there was a bit of a crunchy layer you had to get through first before you could enjoy the soft and smooth center. The flavor of the buttercream was alright, but its not too hard to mess up a Dulce De Leche flavor. The cake itself tasted like any other chocolate cupcake, a bit on the trusty ol Pillsbury dough boy. 
The 2nd cupcake I devoured was a Madagascar Vanilla cake with a Honey Tangerine Buttercream. The tangerine flavored buttercream was very refreshing, it felt as thought I was biting into a juicy ripe tangerine. Although, the honey flavor was missing. I completely forgot that there was suppose to be honey in the buttercream, all I could taste was the citrus. The vanilla cake itself was extremely gummy and dry. It felt like I was eating a starfish, a gooey center with a dry crunchy outside...well thats what I think a starfish would taste like...anywaysss...The snazzy name of "Madagascar" vanilla, i think fools people into thinking its some exotic and forbidden like vanilla flavor, which in some peoples head makes it taste fantastic. But not me, I saw right through the fancy name and just ate off the buttercream. 
Teacake Bake shop was an alright bakery if you are in desperate need of a sugar-fix, and the Bay Bridge is closed to get to San Francisco, or your too fat and lazy to get to Walnut Creek to hit up Kara's. One this I do like is that Teacake does offer classes to learn to make cupcakes and cookies, but at $45-75 a person, this bakery is crazier than the Britney Spears circa 2007.