Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rocky Mountain Cupcakes

I received a white box with a “I Love Alli” tag attached to the top. Underneath that tag were 4 beautifully decorated cupcakes. They came from Breckenridge, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Cupcakes which is a cupcake, coffee, ice cream and other baked goods and candy shop. 
The first one we ate was a chocolate cake with a coffee frosting (I swear that’s what is was but I don’t see it on their menu). This one was by far the best and actually worth eating. The cake was great, the look was unique, and the frosting FLAVOR was good.

I got the Rocky Mountain Cupcake, that is a super moist Belgian Chocolate cake, topped with a barely there sweet cream that I couldn’t taste, and covered in a foul, artificial tasting “plastic-like” fudge.
I also got a Gone Banana,  that is a vanilla cake filled with a banana pudding, and covered with a banana frosting.
The Vanilla Cupcake was just plain old Vanilla frosting and vanilla cake, and was on par with a Safeway cupcake…not so good.
With 5 people eating these cupcakes…we didn’t even get close to eating them all! Which I believe is a no-no, and we should be craving more. All the frosting tasted like a whipped up shortening dowsed in sugar. Everything was so over sugary…and please remember this is ME saying this, and I cant eat more sugar than most anyone on the planet. The state they are the “Highest Cupcake Shop in the World”…but I think you actually need to be high to devour these!
Photos Taken By: Stephanie Morris

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