Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cupcakes Galore & More...Please NO!!

I was so stoked to finally find a bakery in Golden, Colorado….but now I take that back, cause they were the worst cupcakes I have EVER had! Cupcakes Galore & More is a brand new bakery that opened up in late November at 2575 Youngfield Street. I got 3 different cupcakes, Red Velvet, Pumpkin and Cream Cheese and a Gluten Free Cookies and Cream, and she gave me an extra one (unfortunately!!).
The Red Velvet was so artificially dyed red, it looked like they melted a crayon into the batter. I could not taste the cocoa in the cake, which is the main flavor!! The Cream Cheese Frosting was so…wrong; it tasted like artificial flavoring was dumped in by the gallon. The pumpkin cake tasted like boxed spice cake, topped off with some more of the disastrous cream cheese frosting. The actual cake itself was so undercooked it was still “wet”! (And this is the one she gave me two of…one mini and one regular). The regular size one had MAYBE an inch of actual cake… and for $2.75 WTF!!!
Last but not least is the Gluten Free Cookies and Cream cupcake, I had to keep myself from spitting this one back up. 
The cake was so dry, and if I didn’t know it was suppose to be cookies and cream, I would have had no clue that it was suppose to be that flavor. The cake almost had a sour nutty taste, that no one, gluten intolerant or not, should ever taste. The buttercream was a over whippy frosting that tasted more like a shortening base than a butter one. This cupcake is a cruel joke! This has had to be the absolute worst cupcake I have ever had in my life!!
And the fact that it looked like a 3 year old with two left hands made them made them even less appetizing!

Sorry to be the deliverer of bad news, but PLEASE don’t waste your money, calories or sanity on this place!!


  1. OMG! I just catered a WEDDING and, unfortunately the bride and her mother had not seen this post -- the cake was a total disaster! The cake was three layers in three different flavors and they were all terrible. To make matters worse, the cake showed up almost 45 minutes AFTER the reception started (excuses about confusion on timing and a layer collapsing abounded) AND the middle layer was sill warm and melted the frosting on the layer below. AND ON TOP OF THAT!... the construction of the cake was not professional and made cutting a nightmare, and the decorating on the cake looked like worse than my attempt while taking my Wilton's decorating class. I whole-heartedly add to your post... PLEASE, NO!!!!! Stay away!!! There is no way the cakes on their website were make by the same person who made this cake -- absolute disaster!

  2. HORRIBLE! See post by Anonymous on April 16, 2011. I was at this reception and agree with Anonymous 100%!!!

  3. Wow!! Im shocked, but not really. haha Thanks so much for your feed back!