Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sin City's Retro Bakery!

Las Vegas is the home of casinos, Elvis impersonators, hookers and the addicting Retro Bakery. For my Frank Sinatra obsessed father’s 60th birthday, my family headed to Sin City for a weekend of delicious food, the new Sinatra Show, and as much relaxation as Vegas will allow. And what is a birthday without some sugary sweet cake!?! So, without a doubt, my dad’s birthday dessert was going to be coming from Retro Bakery. Retro Bakery is located at 7785 N. Durango Dr. #130 in Las Vegas and is owned by Kari and Brian Haskell, who were the nicest and easiest people to work with! (With our party on a Sunday, a day they are closed, and Brian still baked us our cupcakes fresh and delivered on his day off!!! Thanks a million!!)

I ordered a dozen mixed flavored “Sinatra Themed” cupcakes that were so perfectly decorated I couldn’t believe my eyes when they came out! They each had a fondant circle on the top with music notes and Frank’s Signature on them in black and white. The detail in his signature was right on point! I could not of been happier!!!
Me Devouring some  Retro Goodness

Now the best part…the way they tasted! I ordered some Vanilla loves Vanilla, Salted Caramel, HopScotch (Vanilla dipped in Butterscotch), Pucker-Up (raspberry with lemon), Maple Bacon, and two vegan cupcakes for my mom. Each one was so uniquely delicious, and we all had such a good time trying all the different flavors. My mom was so stoked to finally have a dessert her little vegan self can enjoy, so Thank you Retro!! Everyone was going ga-ga over the cupcakes, and especially the Maple Bacon cupcake that was a vanilla cupcake with bacon pieces and maple syrup baked into the cake with maple buttercream. “It tastes like breakfast in a dessert! As weird as it sounds to have bacon in a cupcake, its absolutely fantastic!”.
Pro Snowboarder Pat Milbery, and my Dad @ the Encore's Sinatras eating some dessert!

My favorite thing about these cupcakes was that they were actually filling! They weren’t some overly fluffy cupcake that leaves you still starving; these cupcakes are a meal in themselves. The cake was perfectly dense, as well as being moist at the same time. And the buttercream….oh the buttercream…it was thick and fluffy with the ability to make you drool just at the sight of it! These cupcakes were fantastically amazing!
My Uncle and Aunt on their 2nd round (They live in Vegas and now my aunt in addicted to the Maple Bacon!) 

These cupcakes were so worth every bite, and would make me almost want to move to Vegas just so I could eat them whenever I please! I cant wait to go back, just so I can try more of their truly unique flavors. My Dad (as would of been Frank Sintra, as it was his 95th birthday on the same day!!) was so stoked about the cupcakes; he had the biggest smile on his face as he shoved cupcake after cupcake in his mouth! 
 Thank you so much Retro Bakery for all your help and for taking the time to play a part in such a special birthday for my dad!! 


  1. We LOVE retro bakery! Living 10 minutes away from them can be dangerous, but we give all of our clients tasty treats from Retro! Glad you found them, Brian and Kari are the BOMB!

  2. I love Retro Bakery too! Not only are the cupcakes delicious, but the people there are wonderful!

  3. Retro is the best! We've used them for graduation, birthdays, weddings & just for fun parties. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the little Retro van pull up to deliver some yumminess. We've had repeat clients in town who send me their orders weeks in advance to make sure they are in on time and one even drove from Vancouver because she was craving the cookies.

    Kari & Brian are a dream team to work with and I am really debating if I need to drive the 25 miles up there tomorrow to get their flava-of-the-month--gingerbread.

  4. Went to Retro on a recent trip to Vegas...fabulous!!! They staff was great!!! very friendly and patient (it took me a while to figure out what flavors I wanted!!!!) Most of all they cupcakes were absoultely fabulous!!! Its all in the buttercream!