Friday, May 20, 2011

You want one? Well thankfully they are on EVERY CORNER!

This little gift was waiting in my inbox...a review on Starbucks peanut butter petite from my Old Man aka. Pop aka. Dad aka. Mike Botto
"A delicious SWEET treat. The cake was very moist and flavorful. The frosting very sweet peanut butter. Too sweet for me actually. The piece of peanut butter cup was unnecessary but great for the presentation. The price was worth every penny.  Had a free coupon! Also it went well with my bold coffee. Which was not free. A petite blonde (girl) will only get you in trouble and debt, next time try a Starbucks petite.
See you next time!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA, such a dork, love you
Ps. on complete sentances haha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brecks's Clint's Bakery and Coffee

Watch the movie Dumb and Dumber, and while Harry and Lloyd are driving their tiny scooter in what they say is the town of Aspen, is actually Main Street in Breckenridge Colorado. That street that is filled with jewelry stores, restaurants, shops and also is the home of Clint's Bakery and Coffee. Clint's is a two level shop that serves food, like bagels and sandwiches (and for all you vegans, they have vegan cream cheese, butter, and veggie sausage! AMEN!). After stuffing our faces, we headed to the main level to grab some coffee and dessert. Being Easter and all, of course I had to get a Chocolate Cream Cheese cupcake that was dressed up like the easter bunny. 

This made from scratch chocolate and cream cheese cupcake was fantastic. The chocolate cake was perfectly moist and was slammed with an amazing chocolate aroma. It was topped with rich thick and fluffy cream cheese frosting that was decorated with a candy face and marshmallow ears. (Im not a fan at all of marshmallows, so this didn't rock my fancy, but hell, it was easter). Not the cutest decoration, but atleast they tried!
So far, this place has the best cupcakes I have had in Breckenridge. And the fact that their breakfast bagel sandwiches rule, and they are vegan friendly, has me counting down the days till the mountain opens again, and i can go indulge once again. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Rice Pudding

Go to any restaurant in Bali, and I bet you'll find Black Rice Pudding tempting you from most every dessert menu. Black Rice Pudding is a bit like if mushy oatmeal made a baby with a shot of Malibu Rum. I tried this black & white dessert at ocean front Ombak Cafe. 

If you cant make it down to Indonesia, here is a little recipe for a Black Rice Pudding...
Mix together, 1/2 cup of black glutinous rice (I used Forbidden Rice), 1/3 cup of white glutinous rice, 

1 or 2 pandan leaves (Try finding at an Asian Market) and 3 cups of water, and simmer for about 30 minutes. 
Bring 1/4 cup of palm sugar (or white sugar or preferred sweetener), and 1/4 cup of water to a boil and simmer for about 5 minutes until syrup-like. 
After rice is cooked, add to rice bowl and continue to simmer till liquid has evaporated. 
Cool slightly, and then pour 1 cup of  coconut cream/milk over rice. I like to add fresh slices of banana or other delicious fruit for some extra "spark"/nutrition. 

One Love <3