Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whodidily Cupcakes

Whodidily Cupcakes is a small "rainbow" bakery in Montecito, California that looks as though Willy Wonka and Dr. Suess attacked it with paintbrushes and glittery sprinkles.
 A case of extravagant poofy cupcakes with obnoxious names like "Whipple Scrumptious" and "Dippity-Doo-Dah". 
Being a Santa Barbara native I was super excited to try Whodidily, that I got 3 regular cupcakes and 1 mini cupcake wrapped up in a little box to go. 
First, I got a mini, that..honestly I don't know what it was, but as much as I know it was a vanilla cake with some weird buttercream, absolutely smothered to death in chocolate chips. All I could pretty much taste were the old looking chocolate chips. 
Then I got "Snicker Snocker" that was a vanilla cake with a snicker center topped with a vanilla buttercream rolled in snicker pieces. If you are going to rip off the flavors of a crappy piece of candy, make the cake and buttercream taste like the main ingredients in the candy, don't just shove the actual candy bar in and all over it.
Next was the "Lolligagger" which is a Chocolate cake with a cookie dough center topped with a foul looking lime green buttercream, with glittery sprinkles all over it.  Besides that it looked like a Care Bear pooped it out and was so artificial looking, I was excited to have a cookie inside a cupcake! But no, the excitement only lasted one bite. The cookie dough tasted like old plastic, and the rest was so sugary I couldn't stand to have another bite. And may I add, Frosting overload?!?! Seriously! 
Lastly was the "Vanilla Dream" that was a simple vanilla/vanilla cupcake. It was nothing more than your typical, too-much-sugar, head ache causing, vanilla cupcake. 

Ordering at Whodidily was probably one of the most annoying times I have ever had in a bakery. All the cupcakes are given these weird tounge-twister names, and then you have to look at a big board and try to not get distracted with other wack names, to see what the flavor might be. Then by the time you actually eat it you have no clue what you are eating besides some brightly colored, over sugary product. 
And to make it even more confusing, if you notice, my Lolligagger cupcake is not what the description says on the wall...mine was green not pink. 
Cupcake wars or not...I was just not at all impressed, either would Mr. Wonka. 3 of us couldnt even finish half of what we got...ouch. I was rootin for ya Whodidily :( Just keepin' in real. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Momofuku's Milk Bar

If you have to take a pick at one thing to be addicted to, I would recommend Crack...well, Crack Pie that is. The most grand and spectacular place in the US, New York City, is home to some of the most unique artists, hoity-toity housewives married to suit clad men who spend most of their time on Wall St., the most extravagant restaurants, and of course, some of the top bakeries in the country. Momofuku's Milk Bar is the only bakery that you can find cookies that taste like your local college kids compost bin (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, etc.), a pie that is honestly trademarked Crack Pie and even Franken Pie, which is 3 different pies pieced together to make one whole pie, and they even have soft serve that tastes like Cereal milk!
I am lucky enough to have been able to stuff my face at their Lower East Side location, and when one of my good friends Eric recently came to visit Colorado, he surely remembered how to make me squeal with excitement; DESSERT! 4 cookies poured out of his pocket; a Confetti, Corn, Blueberry & Cream, and Compost Cookie.
The Confetti cookie was devoured so fast I couldnt get a photo! 

All of the cookies have a sort of undercooked-ness to them, which make them melt in your mouth. The sprinkle filled Confetti cookie was probably one of the most fantastic cookies I have ever devoured; fluffy and chewy with a simple flavor that made it easy to make it disappear. The Blueberry and Cream cookie was sweet and refreshing with the hint of milky blueberries.
The Compost cookie is basically what would come about if a 7-11 had a baby with Mrs. Fields; the cookie has so many flavors happening that every bite tasted completely different than the previous. The corn cookie was the only one that didnt really knock me out of my seat, i mean think of corn bread made into a cookie and have the corn cookie. 
On my previous trip to NYC I tried the Crack Pie (a favorite of Anderson Cooper), which is basically a pie with a filling of butter and brown sugar. It was good, don't get me wrong, and extremely addicting, hense being called Crack, but once you have had a slice, you don't really need to eat the whole pie. With 4 locations in New York, you cannot make an excuse not to become a crack, or cookie, addict. 
I even got a Momofuku Milk Bar post card in the mail the other day, now thats the way to my heart...cookies in the mail, now only my tastebuds would be satisfied with taste of paper.