Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thats one Big Fat Cupcake!!

 Big Fat Cupcake….uh…this place had me feeling like I might be in need of some maternity pants when I’m done with this place. And that is the last thing  I want to be thinking of when I shove sugary goodness down my throat. But when I walked into the bakery’s door my eyes were instantly shushed to the glass in shock of the size of these colorful monstrosities. These cupcakes were ginormous (I know its not a word, but I like to believe it is), like the size of coconut (kinda). Big Fat Cupcake has the largest daily selection of mouthwatering flavors of any bakery in Colorado I have devoured so far. 
The cases were lined with vibrant cupcakes, and offered way too many flavors that I couldn’t just pick two, so I just had the owner pick out two of her favorites.
I walked out with a Strawberries N’ Cream cupcake that is a fresh strawberry cake topped with some cream cheese frosting.  Oh how I love this flavor combination! The cream cheese frosting was not overly fluffy, and really had had some “umph” in the flavor. The strawberry cake was the perfect texture, but really needed some more strawberry-ness to it. I don’t want to have to search to figure out the flavor of the cake, im lazy and just want to stuff my face.
I also was blessed with a Cookies N’ Cream cupcake that is a chocolate cupcake frosted with Oreo buttercream and smothered in Oreo Cookies. The cupcake as a whole was…good. The buttercream tasted like I was eating Cookies N’ Cream ice cream that was not cold. The texture was fantastic, and the flavor was orgasmic. The rolled on Oreo crumbs didn’t do it for me, they actually took away from the buttercream itself. The chocolate cake was…chocolate cake. It was nothing special in my mind when separated from the buttercream. But this one made me sad when I realized I needed to stop before I ate the whole thing and became a big fat cupcake myself.

Overall, I wanted to propose to their buttercream and marry it on the spot,  and with all the crazy flavors, you can always be trying a new concoction! but the cake’s flavor was good, but nothing special.  Big Fat Cupcake is located in the hoity-toity Cherry Creek area of Denver at 129 Adams Street. Or now you can stalk their cupcake truck and see if they will be dusting your neighborhood in sugar any time soon (facebook or twitter@bigfatcupcake).

Friday, November 12, 2010

My 24th Birthday @ D-Bar in Denver!!!

On November 10th 1986 I popped out into this world,  and to celebrate this year, I went to D-Bar in Denver, Colorado to indulge in some delicious birthday food. D-Bar Desserts is owned by Mr. Keegan Gerhard, who is one of the nations top 10 pastry Chefs, as well as being the emcee & host of the Food Network Challenge. 
From the Coffee, to the main meal to the desserts, everything makes you satisfied beyond belief. The pastry cases in the front of the store contain some of the most beautiful pastrys I have seen in Denver. Making a choice on something to take home is the hardest decision you will ever face. 

For our dessert we got the Poufflé! which is a passion fruit soufflé, mascarpone beignets with banana passion sorbet. Every dessert I have ever gotten here has been down right amazing, and this was no exception. The passion fruit soufflé was made to perfection, the passion fruit flavor was a perfect compliment for the soufflé. The mascarpone beignets, were my favorite thing on the plate. They were fantastic, they were made better than any beignet I have ever devoured. The sorbet was so refreshing and flavorful, just the smell made my mouth water. 
D-Bar "was designed to be a favorite gateway to those who love dessert, food, wine and living life." And I am in love with all 4 of those things...so if your mind and belly are in need of some lovin', head to 1475 E. 17th Ave, in downtown Denver.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Banana Bread in 5280 last year.....:)

 When I worked at the deliciously lovely Mulberries Cake Shop in Denver last year, I was lucky to be able to sell my baked goods at the shop. A lady from 5280 (local magazine) came in to do a review on Mulberries, and she mentioned my Vegan Banana Bread (she said scones...but whatev).

Check it out!!
one love

Thanks Kathleen for the opportunity to sell my stuff!! :)