Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Devour Bakery

Its 2012 and I need to better at sharing this next year. I have a very hard time sharing food, so sorry if I have ever stabbed you with a fork, or tried to bite your arm when you try and grab my luscious food off my plate. So now is now going to my own collection of my favorite vegan recipes. Since being a private cook for a family, I've realized cooking is almost as fun as baking, so why not share the love, well those that I am sometimes willing to share.  Not only dessert recipes my good people, but also vegan Entrees and Appetizers. Bakery reviews arent disappearing either, so all you bakeries I haven't been able to devour, stay on your toes. So tie up your apron and start your ovens bitches, it time to get a-cookin'!

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